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Translated to Slovak Language by Zuzka Tylková

Do you know why you should not have in bedroom mirrors reflecting your bed?

Do you know why you should not sit with your back facing the door and face to the window?

Marie Diamond knows the answers to these questions and with love will teach you how to perceive the energy in your space.

She has developed a unique Diamond Feng Shui system, which, unlike traditional approaches, works with the psychological and spiritual influences on the space where we live or work.

Marie has become not only the Feng Shui Master of discipline and practice, but has also made a significant contribution with her expansion. Enhanced Feng Shui's classic approach by improving, simplifying, and making it more effective. She was given with a unique gift. Unlike many other masters, Marie sees energy. She sees the energy flow of Chi in the space as clear as you see people in front of  you. This is the fundamental difference of her learning. Her teaching is also a combination of the following Feng Shui East schools: Feng Shui Landscape School, compass school, flying stars school.

Basic Program Price: 368 € (Video program + materials)

VIP program Price: 968 € (Video program + materials+ 1 hour online mentoring with Marie Diamond)




Marie Diamond was introduces to Feng Shui 40 years ago when she was 14 years old. She had a series of minor accidents in her life, she was bullied at school, her family lived in conflicts. It culminated when, after a serious car crash, she was recognized clinically dead for a few minutes.

She asked her spiritual master why it had happened to her. He told her she had a bad Feng Shui home. And he explained to her what to do. As she suddenly moved her room, she painted her room in  her quantum colors, turned around furniture, life changed very quickly for the better. She spent many years studying Feng Shui with some of the Grand Masters to learn their secrets. She has seen ways to symplified complicated calculations and formulations and thus make Feng Shui’s benefits available to everyone. Thanks to the art and leading Feng Shui, her personal experience and experiences of her clients, she has found the following:

If a person lives in a space that helps him to express his or her greatest potential to fulfill his destiny, this person has luck in his life, is happy and successful.

The program has 8 modules for 1.5 hours. Total 12 hours of study + Bonus 1.5 hours Intro video.

Themes of the individual modules of the program:

Intro video session:

  • The Beginning of Learning Feng Shui
  • History – Where and why Feng Shui originated
  • 2 basic steps
  • The first things you need to look at at home.

1st  video module:

  • Feng Shui Tubes of Light meditation
  • Important Measurements
  • Feng Shui entrance to your home / office
    • Direction of the entrance door
    • Colors and images in your entrance hall
  • Feng Shui your bedroom
    • Direction of your bed
    • Pictures and colors in your bedroom
    • Activation for health and romance
  • Feng Shui of your workplace
    • Direction of your work desk
    • Paintings and colors in your office
    • The energy of money, success
  • Temple zones and their impact on your life

2nd  video module:

  • Empty Lines and their impact on your life
  • • How to find and find them
    • Their impact on your life, success, relationships, and finances
  • Muscle test for Feng Shui: confirm the energy changes you make at home
  • Work with floor plan,
    • Rules to divide a floor plan into 9 zones according to PaKua
    • Work with a large floorplan (whole house, flat, ..)
    • Work with a small floorplan (1 room – bedroom, office, living room)
  • Space Feng Shui
    Explanation of compass directions: N, E, SE, S
    • Which areas of life the given direction is influencing
    • Symbols, element, activation, what to avoid … etc

3rd video module:

  • The difference between Eastern and Western Feng Shui systems and schools
  • Your Personal Feng Shui – Work with Your Energy Number
  • How do you know your personal energy number
    • Your energy Archetype and what it means for your success, health and relationships
    • How to activate it in your living room, bedroom and office
  • Space Feng Shui
    Explanation of compass directions: SW, Centre, NE, NW, W 
    • Which areas of life the given direction is influencing
    • Symbols, element, activation, what to avoid … etc
  • Diamond facets – special features of Diamond Feng Shui
    • Spiritual aspects associated with each of the eight directions
    • Diamond colors that activate these qualities

4th video module:

  • Detailed explanation of 2 basic forms by Feng Shui
    • The meaning of Jin energy, its forms and expressions
    • The meaning of Jang energy, its forms and expressions
    • what is Tao
  • 5 elements detailed explanation
    Water, Wood, Fire.  Earth, Metal
  • 5 elements detailed explanation
    – Positive enhancing cycle
    – Weakening cycle
    – Destroying cycle
  • Outbalancing elements between each other 

5th module of the video program

  • Questions and answers session after half of the course
  • Explanation of  Space, Personal and Time Feng Shui
  • What creates negative energy in the house
    – poison arrows, beams, ..
    – mirrors – their correct location
  • Basic steps to clear the negative energy of your home
    5 Steps to Do in Feng Shui
    5 things you never do in Feng Shui

6th video program module

  • Landscape Feng Shui
    • Basic rules for working with your land- property
  • Diamond FS feature: The energy fields of your house and how to work with them, what they affect ..
    Etheric field
    • Emotional field
    • Mental field
  • 5 elements for land use
    – how they affect individual energy fields
    – where to place their symbols and colors
    – where to place a fountain, swimming pool, grill, flower beds, herbs ..
  • Important features of working with the landscape (property)
    • Where to place a house on the property, protection from back and from neighbors
    • Energy from the street, Dragon and Tiger energy
    • The 9 compass zones in garden

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