Energy Numbers- Individual E-books


With this e-book you can easily adjust your space – home and office according to your personal Feng Shui – your personal Energy Number.

In the e-book you will find the necessary information regarding the mission of your soul. You will learn which compass directions are the best for the 4 pillars of your life : Success, Relationships, Health and Wisdom.  

Based on your personal Feng Shui you will find that adding certain colors and symbol to your environment will enhance certain aspects of your life.  On the basis of this knowledge, you will know how to adjust the space in which you live or work to more support your spirit. Next, you are reading who the famous people share the same energy number with you, so you can understand how you are very similar to some of them and what your common denominator is.

E-books are translated into Czech.



The individual chapters – e books are for these Energy Numbers:

Energy Number 1 – Wealth Creator

Energy No. 2 and 5 Men – Teacher

Energy Number 3 – Light Bringer

Energy Number 4 – Manager

Energy Number 6 – Creator

Energy number 7 – Advisor

Energy number 8 and 5 women – Connector

Energy No. 9 – Healer

Additional information

Energetické číslo:

1 Wealth Creator – Tvorca Bohatstva -, 2 a 5 men Teacher – Učiteľ, 3 Light Bringer- Nositeľ Svetla, 4 Manager – Manažér, 6 Creator -Tvorca, 7 Advisor- Radca, 8 a 5 women Connector – Spojovateľ, 9 Healer – Liečiteľ


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