Feng Shui E-book: Year of The Earth Dog 2018


Author: Marie Diamond, Feng Shui and Spiritual Master 

The book of annual predictions was compiled by Marie Diamond based on complex Feng Shui calculations. Every year brings with it another energy. The year 2018 marks the Earth Dog  and brings new energy to individual compass directions. And according to it shifts the energy also for all the energy numbers and signs of the Chinese zodiac.

With this e-book is a connected free ADDENDUM , that contains illustrative images you can use to activate compass directions for 2018

The book is available in English and Czech language.



In this e-book you will find everything you need to activate and cure the Feng Shui annual cycle for 2018 Year of Earth Dog:

1 / Energy prediction for all compass directions to cure and activate your home / office 

2 / Predictions for your Energy Number

3 / Year of the Earth Dog 2018

4 / The Signs of the Chinese Horoscope


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