The Complete Energy Numbers E-book


Author: Marie Diamond, Spiritual and Feng Shui Master

What she says about this e-book:

“This book will support you in understanding yourself and understanding your soul's lessons of success, health, relationships and wisdom.

It brings you tools to apply the Law of Attraction. It will not only change the way you live your life and connect with God / the universe. You will also find out what profession to choose, how to enhance your health, relationships, wisdom how to proceed to achieve better results. It will support you in the direction of your career or business and help you create a greater flow of money in your life..


The Law of Attraction is a personal experience. This book is a guide to help you, your family and your team to make it faster and easier to achieve your dreams and goals. ”

There are 9 archetypes of energetic numbers in the Marie Diamond teachings. Based on your birth date you will find your Energy Number Archetype.

The book contains the calculation of your energy number and personal directions.

Here are 9 archetypes, which are discussed in detail in the book:

Energy Number 1: Wealth Creator
Energy Number 2 / Men with Number 5: Teacher
Energy number 3: Light Bringer
Energy number 4: Manager
Energy Number 5: Female: Connector/ Male: Teacher
Energy number 6: Creator
Energy number 7: Radca
Energy number 8 / Women with Number 5: Connector
Energy number 9: Healer


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